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Chambord French Press Case 16 oz


6 units per case.

The French Press has been around for nearly a century and its staying power is perpetuated by its simplicity of design and its ability to brew delicious coffee. The procedure is simple. Add coarsely ground coffee to the French Press followed by the desired amount of boiling water. Loosely cover and let steep for about six minutes. Push down the grounds with the plunger and serve.

Lite-roasted coffee with higher acidity and roast dates longer than five days but less than 10 days tends to work best in a French Press. Its intricate dance of sweetness and tang is reward for your patience and hard work. Very dark-roasted oily coffee can also be tasty. Just keep in mind that the ratio of grounds to water may have to be adjusted slightly and may not be the same as for lite-roasted coffees. A little experimentation with the grind, ratio and timing will reward you with outstanding coffee.

Keep in mind that the flavor profile will be different from drip methods because water is in direct contact with the grounds and the temperature gradient varies throughout the extraction process. Our recommendation is to use filtered water (never distilled or reverse-osmosis) with a dissolved mineral count of no higher than 110ppm. Avoid keeping the coffee longer than 15 minutes with the plunger down, unless you prefer some bitters to your cup.

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